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PC ScanAndSweep allows you to clean windows registry
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Every time you use your computer and connect to the Internet, even for performing simple tasks like reading news and checking e-mail, your computer receives temporary files and cookies. After a while, your computer accumulates a considerable amount of unwanted files that are not really useful and take up your hard drive’s space, which can slow down your computer.
A similar scenario happens in the system’s registry, where a trace is left behind by any software that is installed in your computer. If applications are installed, uninstalled, replaced, updated or outdated, all those traces in the registry stay, also affecting your system’s performance.
This is what PC Scan and Sweep does for you, in an easy, fast, convenient manner: it cleans up all these traces mentioned above and more, so you can recover that free space and improve your system overall performance.
PC Scan and Sweep includes helpful features, such as recovering files, swiping files before deleting, customizable ignore list and scan schedule, and more.
PC Scan and Sweep will remove all Temporary Internet Files, Windows Temporary Files, Cookies, Records of Recently Accessed Documents, File and Computer Search History, and many more. This is why PC Scan and Sweep will protect your system’s performance, disk space and your privacy.

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